Four reasons why you should be playing PHC right now

Hey guys! Since the dawn of time, there has been a divide between HC and SC players. I want to try to bridge that gap and I’ll tell you why.

HC will improve your gameplay-Believe it or not, HC is a great way to practice leveling and playing resourcefully. It can bring excitement into mapping again. If you plan on racing to 100 one day, then you should play HC for practice.

When you die in HC, not all is lost- People seem to overlook the fact that HC gear is transferred to SC. I play both leagues and I enjoy using my ripped characters’ gear to use on SC builds.

HC can be a great source of currency-In this current HC league, Exalt:Chaos prices are 1:42. That means in approximately 60-80 dried lake runs, you can farm an exalt purely by chaos recipes. That is insane. In comparison, it would take about 130-150 Dried Lake runs to farm an exalt in SC. To top it off, you can farm even faster by doing the unid. chaos recipe which will double your farm speed!

You may find the perfect item you need for SC-Sometimes, you may need a specific helmet for your SC build. The problem may be, that they are selling for insane prices. What you can do is you can search for the item on HC. If it is cheap there, you can use the farming methods discussed above to quickly acquire the item with much less time and effort.

In conclusion, HC may not be fun when you die, but it is certainly worth the risk. You can make exorbitant amounts of Exalted Orbs there and you can add a bit of spice to your POE gameplay.

2 thoughts on “Four reasons why you should be playing PHC right now

  1. While i do agree with some points the one about that helmet being overpriced and you being able to find that helmet in HC,… This statement i dont agree with because since the population of the HC ladders are very low in terms when compared to SC. I find it quite difficult to find very specific items in HC. I was looking fro a specific ammy this league and when i did a search there was a total of 2 ammys that i was looking for.. Did the exact same search and found 100+ (slightly exaggerated here) but my point is that with less people playing there are less items being found which is making it harder to find that specific item you may be looking for. Also the point about not loosing everything ok yes your gear gets transferred to standard where you can play your char. Like a lot of people who play this game they play it for the temp leagues so loosing a char in a temp league is basically loosing it since you will never log into that char on standard. The only time i log into my char when i die in HC is to get the MTX’s off his gear.

    1. Yep, it just depends on what leagues you play. I do agree with some of it. Thanks for your point of view! Appreciate it!

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