Two Uber Lab farming builds for Path of Exile 3.0

Uber Lab farming has been a staple of endgame since it was released alongside the Prophecy Leagues. The enchantments can be worth up to several exalts and its a quick and easy way for players of every skill level to make currency. I personally love the Labyrinth because it rewards skill greatly but at the same time allows newer players to get a feel for the game. Today I have found a few of the best builds for Uber Lab farming. These two in particular are very popular and have been for quite a while.

Pure Physical Warchief Totems

Warchief totems have always been some of my favorite builds (as evidently shown here) and are very powerful as well. However, their greatest strength comes at their cost-effectiveness and ease to use. I would suggest this build to newer players or players who don’t have a lot of currency to spare. This build requires no uniques and its biggest strength its pure physical damage with the new skill gem Brutality. This makes it very cheap to play because you don’t have to scale elemental damage with WED on jewelry and other pieces of gear.

Example Build –

Blade Vortex Pathfinder

This Pathfinder build was meticulously designed for Uber Lab farming. With over 600% movement speed, this build is one of the fastest in the game and it abuses Queen of the Forest to hit 90%+ evasion and high move speed. It utilizes a crit variant of physical blade vortex which is buffed up by auras such as Hatred. This build is somewhat difficult to gear compared to Warchief Totems so I would only suggest it if you have a decent amount of currency. However, it does run much faster than Warchief Totems when played properly due to high move speed so the investment turns out to be well worth it. Pathfinders are always top on the Uber Lab leaderboards.

Example Build –


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