Top Five Best Builds for 3.0 Fall of Oriath and Harbinger League

Hello guys! This is my guide to the top five best builds for 3.0 Fall of Oriath and Harbinger League. I will try to find builds to put here that are cheap, efficient, easy and most importantly, enjoyable. Personally, I’d play Ancestral Warchief in softcore and Essence Drain/Contagion in hardcore.

Dual Flameblast Totems

Somehow, this always gets into the top five on my lists. Contrary to popular belief, Flameblast Totems have gained a small buff due to buffs intended for other mechanics that overlap with this skill. Its been buffed so much that you can achieve 1 million DPS without mirrored gear. However, we will no longer be playing ES or hybrid.  We will be going Mind over Matter due to the new changes. We will be utilizing the innate benefits of totems such as no reflect and the increased defensive capabilities with Mind over Matter to stack on more damage than ever before. Additionally, this is a very easy build to play for newer players as it requires less micro and awareness than standard spell-casters or attack builds where you are right in the action. Both Flameblast and Totems generally scale up well without much investment and this will help you farm those exalts for later on in the league!

Example Build –

Essence Drain/Contagion

This build has worked miracles for me in the past. I played a non-Mind over Matter version in 2.6 as a second league-starter and I enjoyed it thoroughly. There is no feeling like evaporating a cluster of mobs with a purple ball of pure chaos. There have been some nerfs to damage over time and I can’t lie about that. However, the power creep is enough to make up for these nerfs and Mind over Matter will let us take more damage than before. The reason this build works so great is because Damage over Time and Chaos Damage scales very well without currency. This build will be an excellent Shaper/Uber Atziri farmer if you’re into that.

Example Build –

Dual Bladefall Totems

Another fantastic build that I’ve played first hand, this is another one of those lesser known builds that can easily farm Uber Atziri at day three or four. Due to the MoM buffs, this build will probably be taking MoM in 3.0 which will allow it to gain more damage and survivability. It also has the innate benefits of totems and additionally, it has an overlooked advantage that no other build on this list has. It deals physical damage. That means, unlike any of the other builds here, this build does not have to worry about elemental or chaos resistances at all and it can just straightaway deal large sums of damage.

Example Build –

Ancestral Warchief

This is a build that has been very popular for the past few leagues and for good reason. It combines melee and totems which are both easy ways to scale damage on a budget. Throw some Facebreakers in there and you’ve got something powerful. This is one of the best melee marauder builds out there right now, and even though its been hit by the critical strike multiplier nerfs, it is still a great option in 3.0. This build also scales very well with currency to become a boss farmer build with incomparable tanking ability. This particular build truly shows that melee is still powerful when used correctly.

Example Build –

Kinetic Blast Wander

This is probably the most hipster build on the list and definitely not a classic option. However, its just as powerful as every other build on this list and probably scales better than any other ones due to the simple fact that it’s a wander. This elemental damage build utilizes Pathfinder to exponentially increase its DPS. I realize that flasks have been nerfed in effectiveness but they are still very potent when used correctly. Additionally, they will probably be cheaper due to people believing that they’re not worth buying. Kinetic Blast is the best pack-clearing skill in the game right now and with Barrage it does wonders against bosses as well. Wander has been a very powerful option since 1.1 and even though it has gone through many iterations, it will probably stay that way for the foreseeable future.

Example Build –

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