General Game News #1 – Slivertongue

Hello guys. I am trying to start a series of articles made to summarize the game news of the past few days or weeks.

First of all, lets start with the most recent. Slivertongue was showcased in a video by GGG a few days ago. If you guys haven’t seen it, you can watch it here. My first impressions of it are of the thought that it’s the perfect unique. As of right now, it seems not too overpowered, moderately hard to acquire, and moderately powerful. It has the potential to be build-defining although builds with particular rare bows will fare better. Take everything I say about Slivertongue with a grain of salt since the physical DPS¬†is not final. If I had to use this unique in a build I would get a Split Arrow build with the Deadeye passive Ricochet to have the projectiles chain once then pierce. Additionally, I would run Drillneck for some extra damage on a budget. The benefit of this build is the fact that Split Arrow gets no damage penalty basically like Reach of the Council with LA/TS.

Tomorrow’s post will be about the basics of the Atlas. Afterwards, expect to read in detail about Shaper’s Orbs, Atlas pathing, and much more!


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