Atlas of Worlds: Shaper’s Orbs


Hey guys! Today I will be talking about Shaper’s Orbs and some of the things about them you guys might not know. Basically, they are Orbs that drop 5 tiers above the tier of maps they can modify. Now lets discuss some basic information about Shaper’s Orbs.

Known Facts

  • The Shaper’s Orb will drop from a map five tiers above the tier the Orb applies to – This means that a tier 9 Shaper’s Orb would drop from a tier 14 map.
  • The Shaper’s Orb will be permanent but it will be able to be respecced – This means that once applied, the Shaper’s Orb will be permanent but GGG confirms to be adding vendor recipe’s so it isn’t possible to “brick” your Atlas. You will have to vendor 20 chisels and 5 regrets to refund your Shaper’s Orb.
  • Once a map on the Atlas has been shaped, your existing maps of that type will remain the same – This means you will need to get new map drops after applying the Shaper’s Orb for the Shaper’s Orb bonus to take place.
  • Shaper’s Orbs are non-tradeable like quest items – You cannot vendor or trade Shaper’s Orbs
  • Shaper’s Orbs are rewards for completing certain objectives in maps – You will be able to get a total of 15 Shaper’s Orbs.
  • Shaped maps will drop like other maps of their shaped tier – A tier 6 tropical island will drop with the conditions other tier 6 maps require to drop.

What this means

Now lets discuss what this all means. Shaper’s Orbs, while not tradeable, will be quite valuable due to the respec cost required to remove it from a map. Shaper’s Orbs will permanently apply +5 tiers to any single kind of map it is applied to.  It will be permanent. People have been doubting this but if GGG adds such an expensive respec option, it must be permanent. Additionally, the orbs will need to be placed strategically. Strategic placement of these orbs combined with strategic mapping could enhance the speed it takes to get to 100.

I hope you guys enjoyed this article and I hope you guys learned something!


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