This page will have links and other resources a POE player needs!

Useful Vendor Recipes

Chaos Orb – Vendor a full set of rares above item level 60.

+1 Fire/Cold/Lightning gems Wand/Sceptre – Vendor a magic wand/sceptre, an alteration orb, and a topaz, ruby, or sapphire ring.

Physical/Spell Damage on Weapons

Other Websites

Exile Mods – Clean list of affixes with many built-in features

Path of Exile Reddit – Useful place to ask questions one may have

Official Path of Exile Forums – Go to the individual class forums to find every build imaginable

Poe.Trade – Buy and sell items

Atlas Map

PoeLab – Find out how to run the current day’s lab efficiently

Build Finder – Alternative to official forums to find builds


Aura Calculator

Chromatic Orb Calculator

Experience Calculator

Trading guides

Dealing with Trade Offers

Basic Flipping Guide

How to make your initial currency in a new league

Build guides

Low Life Elemental Spectral Throw Inquisitor with video

Low Life Pathfinder Blade Vortex Build Guide 2.4

Crafting Guides

ES Helm Crafting

Best non-weapon crafting bases for each slot

Shaper’s Orbs

Game Mechanics

How much life should you have?


Energy Shield


 Cospri’s Malice

Defensive Unique Items