[Standard] How to Flip Items in POE

Flipping item’s is buying low and selling high. IF you need an easy way to imagine it, it is like the stock market. You can start with any budget and most agree, it is one of the best ways to make currency.

To start lets say we are playing on Standard League and have 20ex to start. I will be posting additional guides for other leagues. We will be buying high demand 6l uniques that have been popular for a long time. You want to buy these uniques 1.5-3ex under their price. Examples are Atziri’s Disfavors, Shavronne’s Wrappings, Windrippers, Quill Rains… You get the idea. These uniques will always have a spot due to the power they provide. They make or break builds.

This article is pretty short. Please let me know if you guys would like to see more lengthy in-depth articles.

[High Budget] Low Life Spectral Throw dagger Inquisitor

Hey guys! Today I will be showing off my special standard league Low Life Spectral Throw build. I enjoy this more than Physical due to the idea of penetrating 100% enemy resistances. it just sounds amazing.


Chest-Shavronne’s Wrappings

Helm-Crown of Eyes – this converts spell damage to attack damage (Spectral Throw Enchant)

Dagger-Hits Cannot be Evaded with 7.5+ crit and 1.7+ attack speed.Spell and Elemental damage also really works well if you can get it.

Shield-Spell Damage-ES-Resistances

Rings-%es (crafted)-Elemental Damage with Weapons-Resistances

Amulet– Crit Multi- Crit Chance- Elemental Damage with Weapons – Spell Damage – Energy Shield – (All of these are good, but ES, WED and Crit Multi is probably the best).

Gloves-You can opt to use Energy Shield Gloves with resistances and attack speed, Shadows and Clasp, Facebreakers, or Maligaro’s. All of these options work well. It depends on your preference. Tooltip DPS isn’t everything.

 Boots-You need Skyforths as they bring so much to the table. Without them you cannot run the 2 suggested auras on life and will have to swap around. They also prevent stuns. Other options are Lioneye’s Paws and ES Boots.


in your Shavronne’s Wrappings you want Spectral Throw-GMP-Added Lightning-Elemental Damage with Weapons-Increased Critical Strikes-Faster Attacks.

With your auras, you need a level 21 BM-Herald of Thunder-Enlighten 3-Wrath/Anger (you can also use Conqueror’s Efficiency or level 4 Enlighten).

On Mana, you want to be using Discipline and Anger/Wrath. In a 3l you want Curse on hit-poachers mark-Herald of Ice. Enlighten is fully optional for your auras on Mana.

You also want to use Ice/Lightning golem, Vaal Haste, CWDT Immortal Call, and most importantly, Whirling Blades with Fortify and Faster Attacks for Defense and Mobility.

Whirling Blades is what makes this one of the fastest clearing builds in the game.


As you can see, the passive tree relies heavily on flasks. A Vinktar’s is required for this build and it is suggested to have other flasks such as diamond and sulphur varieties. You need to be spamming flasks all the time for the build to work best. Use Whirling Blades to your advantage to kill extra mobs with Spectral Throw’s built-in mechanics.




This build seems to be Uber Atziri Viable and is very powerful. I achieve 150k Tooltip DPS with non-mirrored gear. This is pretty amazing for Low Life Spectral Throw. This is my first build guide so don’t judge too harshly. Please give me feedback!

How to Alt-Craft Energy Shield Helms

Hey guys! Today I will show you how to alteration Craft Energy Shield helms for a profit! All you need is a basic understanding of prefixes, suffixes, and orb use.

First of all, you need to have at least 5 exalts you are willing to waste. What that means is that you should have at least 25 exalts saved up. Convert 3 of the five exalts to Alteration Orbs. Convert another 1 to Augmentation Orbs. Convert the last 2 exalts into regals and scouring orbs.

You need to start alteration crafting. First I assume you have an Item level 84 hubris circlet. You can get them for a dozen chaos and you need one to craft properly. Proceed by transmuting the helm if it isn’t already magical.

Now lets talk about rolls. You automatically regal if the helm has one of the following t1 ES rolls.

t1 hybrid: 51 to 56 % increased ES / 16 to 17 %increased stun recovery (Seraphim’s) – note. This one will have two rolls which only take up 1 out of 6 spots in the item. The stun recovery will merge with the suffix stun recovery when both exist.

t1 % ES: 121 to 132 % increased ES (Impregnable)

t1 flat ES: 49-72 ES (Blazing) – note. If you regal this and do not get %es, there is still a good chance you can master craft it to make it a pretty good helm.

These are automatic aug-regals. Always augment before regaling. Once again, always augment before regaling. No ‘buts’ about it. It is important to note that ES mods are all prefixes. The only other time you want to be regaling is if you have a good suffix and any t2 ES prefix. If the prefix is not ES, just roll over. I personally use http://poeaffix.net/hm-es.html#id to check my rolls.

Lets say you got a t1 flat ES (49-72) which also had 20 fire resistances. With the exalt, your helm got 30 lightning resistances. . What you want to do, is craft the cheapest suffix you can craft on the helm (an attribute such as int, str, or dex) and exalt it. The reason you do this is so you can roll a prefix first. You may or may not understand but basically, this saves you exalts in the end. Lets say you got 95 life. Now, your helm has 2 suffixes and 2 prefixes (3 suffixes counting the master crafted strength.)

Personally, since t1 flat ES is very powerful, I would mastercraft %es onto the helm. This would make it a 300-400 ES helm with life and resists which can sell for a hefty amount of exalts. If you are risky you can yoloex and do a couple different things. It takes time to learn crafting and I assume you guys have many questions. I hope you guys enjoyed this guide on how to craft energy shield helms. Feel free to email me at poehubpro@gmail.com




Atlas of Worlds

So this is the new video, that showcases Atlas Of Worlds. The video showcases many surprising things and was a stunner to the POE community.

Atlas of Worlds is a Path of Exile expansion coming out on September 2. It will feature a new progressive system throughout an Atlas. You will face many new maps and bosses and at the end, it is assumed you fight Malachai, the maker of the map device himself. It is said he appears in his uncorrupted form in the trailer. One of the major things the Atlas will include is a new type of currency. This currency adds 5 levels to maps. One of the biggest effects this will have is that it will speed up the race to 100 unless GGG changes up the leveling system again. Another type of currency they added is one that you can add to a map on the Atlas. This will function as a jewel and it will give all maps in a radius a bonus mod.

Please comment as this is my first actual content post. Let me know if you like it!