How to make currency in a new league

Hey guys! Today I will be showing you guys how to make  currency in a new league. This currency can later be used to do things such as crafting and flipping.

The first method I will talk about is skill gem flipping. There are quite a few skill gems that can be bought from a vendor and sold later for profit. I know a few people who make tens of exalts from this method on the first or second day of a league. This strategy can be continued for a couple weeks.

The second method I will talk about is Merciless Lab. Usually most characters aren’t strong enough to do Uber Lab early on. If you can, go ahead and do it by all means, but Merciless Lab is almost as profitable. For example, a helm worth five chaos can easily be worth upwards of 30 chaos or even an exalt with a decent enchantment. This can easily boost your currency tab’s value.

The third method I will be discussing today is mapping. People think you can only make currency in this game by trading. I believe that idea is flawed. The most successful POE players both map and trade. If you pick a cheap build that doesn’t rely too much on gear you can easily be doing level 75-80 maps in the first 12 hours of a league. During these maps you can collect orbs which can be traded for exalts. Additionally, there are many rare items that can sell for a couple chaos at the beginning of a league which soon become vendor trash. Finally, if you do get to red maps, you can sell crafting bases. Early on, ES bases are worth quite a bit.

The fourth and final method I will be discussing is what I believe, the most important. It is to take advantage of new and league-specific mechanics. Think about the past leagues. In Perandus, people found ways to find Cadiro quickly and swam in currency. In Prophecy, people farmed Pale Council to sell the best bows in the league. I believe in Essence League I will make massive profits through crafting methods I have brainstormed using essences. Additionally, I will also be farming the “Shaper” for what I expect to be, very powerful uniques. You guys need to think about what you want to do. Something unique and innovative will make you the most currency. Do something no one else is doing, do it well, and you will be rewarded.

If you guys want ideas, look at VOC’s post on how he got filthy rich in Perandus. I suggest playing with friends as you can always do more together, and your currency production rate increases exponentially. Thank you for reading and comment below!


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