New Base Items

Hey guys! Today I will be talking about the new base items GGG revealed. First of all, if you haven’t already, go check out this post. I will be reviewing the items one by one, and if you haven’t seen the post, you may have trouble understanding a few things.

Two-Toned Boots – This item seems very well balanced to be. It makes up for the fact that it has dual resistances by being a hybrid item. That means it does not have pure energy shield, evasion, or armor. Additionally, I expect there to be evasion/energy shield and evasion/armor variants that will respectively have cold/lightning and cold/fire resistances.

Crystal Belt – This item was disappointing to me. This makes all chain belts almost obsolete. Additionally, it only drops from specific zones (like all of these items) so all belts dropping without this specific base type will be considered second-rate for ES builds. I personally feel GGG should have just buffed the chain belt’s implicit affix instead of creating a whole new item. On the plus side, I feel the crystal belt encourages people to farm specific zones and try to craft.

Marble Amulet – This is another letdown as after hitting 334 life, mathematically this becomes better than a coral amulet. Again, I feel like this makes the coral amulet obsolete. If anything, they should have changed the coral amulet to grant percentage life regeneration. It has the same pluses as the crystal belt, as it does encourage zone-farming, crafting, and it also boosts life regeneration builds. In the current meta, leech builds are dominating.

Fingerless Silk Gloves – I really like these gloves. They seem to be well balanced in my opinion. The 56 ES they have is equivalent to T2 glove bases which is pretty nice. Additionally, they grant 15% increased damage for all low life builds, due to the fact that you will either be using Crown of Eyes or a spell for damage when lowlife. I feel that these will benefit builds looking for ES and definitely be competitors with Facebreakers, Acuities, and Shadows and Dust after acquiring some attack/cast speed.

Gripped Gloves – These are another pair of gloves that I am hyped about to a lesser extent. These have evasion that I would consider to be on T2.5 gloves. I feel that the big benefit of ES gloves is that they can usually end up giving you easily 800-1000 more effective HP. I personally feel, rare gloves, will never be competitors in terms of damage with unique gloves. Evasion gloves do provide some extra evasion, but you have to wonder, is it really worth it? Most people, including me, would prefer the additional clear speed provided with Shadows and Dust, the leech provided by Acuities or the raw damage provided by Facebreakers. In the end it all comes down to personal preference, but I feel the unique options are better.

Please comment what you think about my opinions and keep playing POE!

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