When should you accept an offer for an item?

Hey guys! A common problem traders have is many of them don’t know if they should accept an offer for a specific item.

To identify a good offer, there are three things that come in question. The item being sold, the items/currency you are being offered, and the value of the items/currency.

The Item being sold

The item being sold is very important when accepting or declining an offer. Factors that may affect your decisions are how long you have had the item and how popular the item in question is. People who like to hoard need to remember this. It takes gold to make gold. Having currency is always better than having items you cannot use. Hoarding just gives the items time to drop in value.

Item Popularity-Ideally, you want to try to sell items when they are most popular. For new leagues, this means you want to sell the rares that drop as quickly as possible. They will become vendor trash later. This means you want to sell them now. This is also something to consider for unique items. Right now, Earthquake and Tornado Shot are very popular. This means Atziri’s Disfavour and Reach of the Council should be sold immediately (Reach of the Council is also getting nerfed in 2.4).

Length of Item Possession-Lets say you have had an item for 1 month and it has not sold. This means that either your item isn’t price very well or it isn’t very popular. Either way, this should make you more prone to accept offers. This may or may not stand true for high end rare items that generally take a while to sell.

The Offer

The offer is what you must accept or decline. Factors to consider are the value of the items/currency offered and the uses they have.

Offer ValueHere, we start getting into what is not so clear to many people. Generally, especially with offers that include items, you want to have the buyer overpay. The only exception to this rule occurs if the offer is pure currency (or a couple popular items) and the item you are trying to sell is not popular or has been with you for a long period of time. If these conditions exist, you may accept a offer with slightly less value than desired. Once again, these rules may not be true for some high value rare items.

Item/Currency Uses-This is basically the same as popularity. For example, even if blessed and chaos orbs may be worth the same, you must always insist on being paid with chaos. These items are the mainstream trading currency (besides exalts) and are widely accepted by everyone. They also have the best rates for trading to exalts for this reason. If you are being offered items, you must look at their popularity too. If a 6l Death’s Oath and a 6l Lightning Coil are the same price, and I am offered both, I would pick the Lightning Coil. It has a unique (not after 2.4) mechanic that is very powerful and will never go out of use. It is used in so many builds.

In conclusion, many factors should be considered and these factors are only a guideline to dealing with offers. It always varies on a case-to-case basis and you should trust your guts. Lastly, remember, when declining an offer decline it with class.

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