Five tips to consider when trading in Wraeclast

Hey guys. Today I will be telling you some trading tips I have learned over the years. Hopefully they increase the number of exalts inside your currency tab! Lastly, letting you guys know, I am working on fixing the formatting of the website.

  1. Double check your trades – I know this is an old cliche,  but I have to say it. There’s always a chance of someone scamming you like this. Additionally, there are some people who edit the whisper message to trick you into selling your item for cheaper than listed.
  2. Don’t let anyone convince you into compromising – In Wraeclast, people want everything to go their way. When they find out it doesn’t work like that, they go to the next best thing: Compromising. People will try to convince you to pay more for their items, or sell your items for less. You must not let them. Personally, it is a matter of principle for me. Usually I will not accept one chaos under a listed price for an item of mine. It is worth waiting the extra day to get an extra exalt for your item.
  3. Utilize Master-Crafting – Many situations occur when you may need 25 more fire resistances. You may be looking for a ring, or some gloves. Search for your desired item without fire resistances and you may find it much cheaper. Sometimes this can be the difference between 10 chaos and 10 exalts.
  4. If you think an item is overpriced, offer – Remember, POE does not have an auction house. Take advantage of that. Nothing has a set value and many times people may want to sell an item they have had for a while. This is an easy way to save currency. If they say no, you don’t have to buy the item. Wait for someone else to come online.
  5. Always try to offer your excess orbs – When trying to buy an item, try to offer a couple scours, regrets, alts, etc. instead of chaos. Sometimes the seller may be looking for a specific orb. This can get rid of your excess currency that may otherwise be a pain to sell. Additionally, it may potentially get you an item for cheaper than the original price.

I hope you guys enjoy these tips. I was a bit tired when I wrote this article so it may not live up to the expectations I have for my articles. Comment below!

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