Five tips to start in Essence SC

Hey guys. I decided to make this guide for everyone trying to make some bank in Essence.

  1. List almost all rare items for an alteration – This is something that is overlooked a lot. I usually list all the rares with some resists or attributes for alterations on the first day. People underestimate how much you can make with this method but every little bit counts.
  2. Exalts – Exalt prices are cheap during the first couple of days and then they skyrocket . Look at Perandus and Prophecy SC. If you get an exalt drop, buy a 6l or a core unique you need for your build. If you need neither, save it. Do not sell exalts for chaos on the first day.
  3. This is more of a leveling tip but don’t get under-leveled while leveling. It took me 2 leagues to figure this out. Try to stay at a maximum of 2-4 levels under your zone. If you get five levels under, stay and farm at locations such as City of Sarn, Docks, Fellshrine, Ledge, and Dried Lake.
  4. Dried Lake – As soon as you get to a4 merciless, you must be farming it. Do not worry about progression beyond Dried Lake. Honestly, there is no point of killing Malachai in Merciless unless you want the achievement. You need to be doing the chaos recipe as many times as possible so you can acquire exalts before the price goes up. Start maps at level 75.
  5. Once you get your initial currency keep an eye on Things such as 3 tier 1 elemental weapons and evasion gear are listed for cheap because many people don’t recognize their value. Remember, there are insane amounts of players in the first two days, and half of them don’t know what they are doing.

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