How to Alt-Craft Energy Shield Helms

Hey guys! Today I will show you how to alteration Craft Energy Shield helms for a profit! All you need is a basic understanding of prefixes, suffixes, and orb use.

First of all, you need to have at least 5 exalts you are willing to waste. What that means is that you should have at least 25 exalts saved up. Convert 3 of the five exalts to Alteration Orbs. Convert another 1 to Augmentation Orbs. Convert the last 2 exalts into regals and scouring orbs.

You need to start alteration crafting. First I assume you have an Item level 84 hubris circlet. You can get them for a dozen chaos and you need one to craft properly. Proceed by transmuting the helm if it isn’t already magical.

Now lets talk about rolls. You automatically regal if the helm has one of the following t1 ES rolls.

t1 hybrid: 51 to 56 % increased ES / 16 to 17 %increased stun recovery (Seraphim’s) – note. This one will have two rolls which only take up 1 out of 6 spots in the item. The stun recovery will merge with the suffix stun recovery when both exist.

t1 % ES: 121 to 132 % increased ES (Impregnable)

t1 flat ES: 49-72 ES (Blazing) – note. If you regal this and do not get %es, there is still a good chance you can master craft it to make it a pretty good helm.

These are automatic aug-regals. Always augment before regaling. Once again, always augment before regaling. No ‘buts’ about it. It is important to note that ES mods are all prefixes. The only other time you want to be regaling is if you have a good suffix and any t2 ES prefix. If the prefix is not ES, just roll over. I personally use to check my rolls.

Lets say you got a t1 flat ES (49-72) which also had 20 fire resistances. With the exalt, your helm got 30 lightning resistances. . What you want to do, is craft the cheapest suffix you can craft on the helm (an attribute such as int, str, or dex) and exalt it. The reason you do this is so you can roll a prefix first. You may or may not understand but basically, this saves you exalts in the end. Lets say you got 95 life. Now, your helm has 2 suffixes and 2 prefixes (3 suffixes counting the master crafted strength.)

Personally, since t1 flat ES is very powerful, I would mastercraft %es onto the helm. This would make it a 300-400 ES helm with life and resists which can sell for a hefty amount of exalts. If you are risky you can yoloex and do a couple different things. It takes time to learn crafting and I assume you guys have many questions. I hope you guys enjoyed this guide on how to craft energy shield helms. Feel free to email me at




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