Flipping Jewels in Path of Exile

Today I will be going over probably the biggest money-maker in new leagues: Flipping jewels. The basic idea behind this is to buy jewels during the first couple leagues of the week when people are still optimizing their basic gear. Later in the league, everyone starts to min-max their builds which includes getting those 30% damage jewels. This is when you want to sell them. Using this technique, you can buy jewels for 8-30 chaos and resell them for exalts. Additionally, if there is enough demand for a video guide, I shall make one.

Experience Required: Medium 

Effort Required: Low

Time Required: Low

The first thing you need to do to start flipping jewels is make a filter on Poe.trade. This is the most important part to flipping jewels. There are two important things you need in a filter. You need to tell the filter how much you are willing to pay for the jewel and what mods you actually want on the jewels. Generally, you should be paying under 25 chaos for three good mods. These can easily sell for a couple exalts if you know what you’re doing. Second of all, you should pay 1-2 ex for jewels with four good mods as well. These sometimes end up selling for several exalts. Remember the meta is always changing. The market adapts to it, but you have to adapt to the market.

Now let’s focus on finding mods you actually want on jewels. This is the most challenging part of this flipping technique because most people don’t know what to look for. I will tell you how to do it manually and at the end tell you some good mods the current meta is using. Remember, you need to learn how to do it yourself because as the saying goes, “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

First of all, you want to go to the Path of Exile forums. Then you need to open the class sub-forums. Skip duelist because it is the least popular class and there aren’t many popular builds that use duelist. It’s more of a gimmick class tried by newer players who don’t have as much currency. Remember, the whole goal of this is to make currency so the ideal audience to be targeted is the top 1%. Therefore, we will put a focus on ES jewels.

From there, take a look at the top builds on the first two or three pages. These builds will usually be the ones on top of the page with lots of reply posts as well as a professional build guide. Take a look at what jewels they need. For example, if they are a Blade Flurry build they Physical Damage, Area Damage, and Energy Shield. Energy Shield can add a lot of value to a jewel because almost all builds can be played with Energy Shield and they generally perform better with it.

Using this method, you should find several popular build archetypes and start making a filter for them on Poe.trade. Fill in more than three or four mods, price it, and you are good to go. You want to fill in more than three or more mods so you catch all the popular combinations. For example, % Damage, % Area Damage, and % Physical Damage is just as good as % Energy Shield, % Area Damage, and % Physical Damage.  I usually fill in several mods in each filter and then bookmark it for easy access. Remember, since it runs in a browser you can run multiple filters at once for many different build archetypes. When I run this technique, I run 6-7 filters with several mods each.

To actually use this technique, here is what you need to do. Every time you start POE, you open these filters via bookmark or any other method you have setup. Then you search for any jewels in your price range. If there are some, buy them up. If there aren’t any, then set your filter in live search mode so it refreshes instantly and makes a sound when an item is listed. This way, you can buy up items almost instantly.

Using this method alone netted me about 300 exalts over the league. Just like its explained above, I bought jewels mainly for 10-20 chaos and relisted them for 1-2 exalts each. Please comment if you have any questions. Enjoy!

Use chance orbs to make currency

Today I will be discussing a method many of the top path of exile players to make currency. This method worked in Prophecy league and Essence league. It probably worked in previous leagues as well, but I have not tested it. For this method to work, you will need about 5 exalts of currency. Your profit margins will be very high.

First, you need to get a 6 link holy chainmail. This can be done through Divination Cards. Another way to acquire the holy chainmails is to simply buy them off of PoeTrade. Furthermore, you need to convert your currency to Chance orbs and Scours evenly. Finally, you start chancing. Once you chance a Voll’s Protector, you sell it.

The more currency you have to do this, the better this method is. You will have the unlucky Voll’s Protector that takes too many chances and scours to create, but in general, you will make profit. Currently 6-linked Voll’s Protectors are selling for 4 exalts and 20 chaos in Essence. The market is being dominated by a couple players using this method. I hope this method helps you make currency.

Five tips to start in Essence SC

Hey guys. I decided to make this guide for everyone trying to make some bank in Essence.

  1. List almost all rare items for an alteration – This is something that is overlooked a lot. I usually list all the rares with some resists or attributes for alterations on the first day. People underestimate how much you can make with this method but every little bit counts.
  2. Exalts – Exalt prices are cheap during the first couple of days and then they skyrocket . Look at Perandus and Prophecy SC. If you get an exalt drop, buy a 6l or a core unique you need for your build. If you need neither, save it. Do not sell exalts for chaos on the first day.
  3. This is more of a leveling tip but don’t get under-leveled while leveling. It took me 2 leagues to figure this out. Try to stay at a maximum of 2-4 levels under your zone. If you get five levels under, stay and farm at locations such as City of Sarn, Docks, Fellshrine, Ledge, and Dried Lake.
  4. Dried Lake – As soon as you get to a4 merciless, you must be farming it. Do not worry about progression beyond Dried Lake. Honestly, there is no point of killing Malachai in Merciless unless you want the achievement. You need to be doing the chaos recipe as many times as possible so you can acquire exalts before the price goes up. Start maps at level 75.
  5. Once you get your initial currency keep an eye on poe.trade. Things such as 3 tier 1 elemental weapons and evasion gear are listed for cheap because many people don’t recognize their value. Remember, there are insane amounts of players in the first two days, and half of them don’t know what they are doing.

Five tips to consider when trading in Wraeclast

Hey guys. Today I will be telling you some trading tips I have learned over the years. Hopefully they increase the number of exalts inside your currency tab! Lastly, letting you guys know, I am working on fixing the formatting of the website.

  1. Double check your trades – I know this is an old cliche,  but I have to say it. There’s always a chance of someone scamming you like this. Additionally, there are some people who edit the Poe.trade whisper message to trick you into selling your item for cheaper than listed.
  2. Don’t let anyone convince you into compromising – In Wraeclast, people want everything to go their way. When they find out it doesn’t work like that, they go to the next best thing: Compromising. People will try to convince you to pay more for their items, or sell your items for less. You must not let them. Personally, it is a matter of principle for me. Usually I will not accept one chaos under a listed price for an item of mine. It is worth waiting the extra day to get an extra exalt for your item.
  3. Utilize Master-Crafting – Many situations occur when you may need 25 more fire resistances. You may be looking for a ring, or some gloves. Search for your desired item without fire resistances and you may find it much cheaper. Sometimes this can be the difference between 10 chaos and 10 exalts.
  4. If you think an item is overpriced, offer – Remember, POE does not have an auction house. Take advantage of that. Nothing has a set value and many times people may want to sell an item they have had for a while. This is an easy way to save currency. If they say no, you don’t have to buy the item. Wait for someone else to come online.
  5. Always try to offer your excess orbs – When trying to buy an item, try to offer a couple scours, regrets, alts, etc. instead of chaos. Sometimes the seller may be looking for a specific orb. This can get rid of your excess currency that may otherwise be a pain to sell. Additionally, it may potentially get you an item for cheaper than the original price.

I hope you guys enjoy these tips. I was a bit tired when I wrote this article so it may not live up to the expectations I have for my articles. Comment below!

How to make currency in a new league

Hey guys! Today I will be showing you guys how to make  currency in a new league. This currency can later be used to do things such as crafting and flipping.

The first method I will talk about is skill gem flipping. There are quite a few skill gems that can be bought from a vendor and sold later for profit. I know a few people who make tens of exalts from this method on the first or second day of a league. This strategy can be continued for a couple weeks.

The second method I will talk about is Merciless Lab. Usually most characters aren’t strong enough to do Uber Lab early on. If you can, go ahead and do it by all means, but Merciless Lab is almost as profitable. For example, a helm worth five chaos can easily be worth upwards of 30 chaos or even an exalt with a decent enchantment. This can easily boost your currency tab’s value.

The third method I will be discussing today is mapping. People think you can only make currency in this game by trading. I believe that idea is flawed. The most successful POE players both map and trade. If you pick a cheap build that doesn’t rely too much on gear you can easily be doing level 75-80 maps in the first 12 hours of a league. During these maps you can collect orbs which can be traded for exalts. Additionally, there are many rare items that can sell for a couple chaos at the beginning of a league which soon become vendor trash. Finally, if you do get to red maps, you can sell crafting bases. Early on, ES bases are worth quite a bit.

The fourth and final method I will be discussing is what I believe, the most important. It is to take advantage of new and league-specific mechanics. Think about the past leagues. In Perandus, people found ways to find Cadiro quickly and swam in currency. In Prophecy, people farmed Pale Council to sell the best bows in the league. I believe in Essence League I will make massive profits through crafting methods I have brainstormed using essences. Additionally, I will also be farming the “Shaper” for what I expect to be, very powerful uniques. You guys need to think about what you want to do. Something unique and innovative will make you the most currency. Do something no one else is doing, do it well, and you will be rewarded.

If you guys want ideas, look at VOC’s post on how he got filthy rich in Perandus. I suggest playing with friends as you can always do more together, and your currency production rate increases exponentially. Thank you for reading and comment below!


When should you accept an offer for an item?

Hey guys! A common problem traders have is many of them don’t know if they should accept an offer for a specific item.

To identify a good offer, there are three things that come in question. The item being sold, the items/currency you are being offered, and the value of the items/currency.

The Item being sold

The item being sold is very important when accepting or declining an offer. Factors that may affect your decisions are how long you have had the item and how popular the item in question is. People who like to hoard need to remember this. It takes gold to make gold. Having currency is always better than having items you cannot use. Hoarding just gives the items time to drop in value.

Item Popularity-Ideally, you want to try to sell items when they are most popular. For new leagues, this means you want to sell the rares that drop as quickly as possible. They will become vendor trash later. This means you want to sell them now. This is also something to consider for unique items. Right now, Earthquake and Tornado Shot are very popular. This means Atziri’s Disfavour and Reach of the Council should be sold immediately (Reach of the Council is also getting nerfed in 2.4).

Length of Item Possession-Lets say you have had an item for 1 month and it has not sold. This means that either your item isn’t price very well or it isn’t very popular. Either way, this should make you more prone to accept offers. This may or may not stand true for high end rare items that generally take a while to sell.

The Offer

The offer is what you must accept or decline. Factors to consider are the value of the items/currency offered and the uses they have.

Offer ValueHere, we start getting into what is not so clear to many people. Generally, especially with offers that include items, you want to have the buyer overpay. The only exception to this rule occurs if the offer is pure currency (or a couple popular items) and the item you are trying to sell is not popular or has been with you for a long period of time. If these conditions exist, you may accept a offer with slightly less value than desired. Once again, these rules may not be true for some high value rare items.

Item/Currency Uses-This is basically the same as popularity. For example, even if blessed and chaos orbs may be worth the same, you must always insist on being paid with chaos. These items are the mainstream trading currency (besides exalts) and are widely accepted by everyone. They also have the best rates for trading to exalts for this reason. If you are being offered items, you must look at their popularity too. If a 6l Death’s Oath and a 6l Lightning Coil are the same price, and I am offered both, I would pick the Lightning Coil. It has a unique (not after 2.4) mechanic that is very powerful and will never go out of use. It is used in so many builds.

In conclusion, many factors should be considered and these factors are only a guideline to dealing with offers. It always varies on a case-to-case basis and you should trust your guts. Lastly, remember, when declining an offer decline it with class.

[Standard] How to Flip Items in POE

Flipping item’s is buying low and selling high. IF you need an easy way to imagine it, it is like the stock market. You can start with any budget and most agree, it is one of the best ways to make currency.

To start lets say we are playing on Standard League and have 20ex to start. I will be posting additional guides for other leagues. We will be buying high demand 6l uniques that have been popular for a long time. You want to buy these uniques 1.5-3ex under their price. Examples are Atziri’s Disfavors, Shavronne’s Wrappings, Windrippers, Quill Rains… You get the idea. These uniques will always have a spot due to the power they provide. They make or break builds.

This article is pretty short. Please let me know if you guys would like to see more lengthy in-depth articles.