Two Uber Lab farming builds for Path of Exile 3.0

Uber Lab farming has been a staple of endgame since it was released alongside the Prophecy Leagues. The enchantments can be worth up to several exalts and its a quick and easy way for players of every skill level to make currency. I personally love the Labyrinth because it rewards skill greatly but at the same time allows newer players to get a feel for the game. Today I have found a few of the best builds for Uber Lab farming. These two in particular are very popular and have been for quite a while.

Pure Physical Warchief Totems

Warchief totems have always been some of my favorite builds (as evidently shown here) and are very powerful as well. However, their greatest strength comes at their cost-effectiveness and ease to use. I would suggest this build to newer players or players who don’t have a lot of currency to spare. This build requires no uniques and its biggest strength its pure physical damage with the new skill gem Brutality. This makes it very cheap to play because you don’t have to scale elemental damage with WED on jewelry and other pieces of gear.

Example Build –

Blade Vortex Pathfinder

This Pathfinder build was meticulously designed for Uber Lab farming. With over 600% movement speed, this build is one of the fastest in the game and it abuses Queen of the Forest to hit 90%+ evasion and high move speed. It utilizes a crit variant of physical blade vortex which is buffed up by auras such as Hatred. This build is somewhat difficult to gear compared to Warchief Totems so I would only suggest it if you have a decent amount of currency. However, it does run much faster than Warchief Totems when played properly due to high move speed so the investment turns out to be well worth it. Pathfinders are always top on the Uber Lab leaderboards.

Example Build –


Top Five Best Builds for 3.0 Fall of Oriath and Harbinger League

Hello guys! This is my guide to the top five best builds for 3.0 Fall of Oriath and Harbinger League. I will try to find builds to put here that are cheap, efficient, easy and most importantly, enjoyable. Personally, I’d play Ancestral Warchief in softcore and Essence Drain/Contagion in hardcore.

Dual Flameblast Totems

Somehow, this always gets into the top five on my lists. Contrary to popular belief, Flameblast Totems have gained a small buff due to buffs intended for other mechanics that overlap with this skill. Its been buffed so much that you can achieve 1 million DPS without mirrored gear. However, we will no longer be playing ES or hybrid.  We will be going Mind over Matter due to the new changes. We will be utilizing the innate benefits of totems such as no reflect and the increased defensive capabilities with Mind over Matter to stack on more damage than ever before. Additionally, this is a very easy build to play for newer players as it requires less micro and awareness than standard spell-casters or attack builds where you are right in the action. Both Flameblast and Totems generally scale up well without much investment and this will help you farm those exalts for later on in the league!

Example Build –

Essence Drain/Contagion

This build has worked miracles for me in the past. I played a non-Mind over Matter version in 2.6 as a second league-starter and I enjoyed it thoroughly. There is no feeling like evaporating a cluster of mobs with a purple ball of pure chaos. There have been some nerfs to damage over time and I can’t lie about that. However, the power creep is enough to make up for these nerfs and Mind over Matter will let us take more damage than before. The reason this build works so great is because Damage over Time and Chaos Damage scales very well without currency. This build will be an excellent Shaper/Uber Atziri farmer if you’re into that.

Example Build –

Dual Bladefall Totems

Another fantastic build that I’ve played first hand, this is another one of those lesser known builds that can easily farm Uber Atziri at day three or four. Due to the MoM buffs, this build will probably be taking MoM in 3.0 which will allow it to gain more damage and survivability. It also has the innate benefits of totems and additionally, it has an overlooked advantage that no other build on this list has. It deals physical damage. That means, unlike any of the other builds here, this build does not have to worry about elemental or chaos resistances at all and it can just straightaway deal large sums of damage.

Example Build –

Ancestral Warchief

This is a build that has been very popular for the past few leagues and for good reason. It combines melee and totems which are both easy ways to scale damage on a budget. Throw some Facebreakers in there and you’ve got something powerful. This is one of the best melee marauder builds out there right now, and even though its been hit by the critical strike multiplier nerfs, it is still a great option in 3.0. This build also scales very well with currency to become a boss farmer build with incomparable tanking ability. This particular build truly shows that melee is still powerful when used correctly.

Example Build –

Kinetic Blast Wander

This is probably the most hipster build on the list and definitely not a classic option. However, its just as powerful as every other build on this list and probably scales better than any other ones due to the simple fact that it’s a wander. This elemental damage build utilizes Pathfinder to exponentially increase its DPS. I realize that flasks have been nerfed in effectiveness but they are still very potent when used correctly. Additionally, they will probably be cheaper due to people believing that they’re not worth buying. Kinetic Blast is the best pack-clearing skill in the game right now and with Barrage it does wonders against bosses as well. Wander has been a very powerful option since 1.1 and even though it has gone through many iterations, it will probably stay that way for the foreseeable future.

Example Build –

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The Best Build of Path of Exile 2.6: HoWa CI Spectral Throw

It has been almost three months in Legacy League. Legacy items were discovered, 6l’d and vaaled. Many souls cried at the number of accidentally-divined Legacy Kaom’s hearts on However, Legacy League is not over yet. There is still a solid 1.5 months left in the league due to the extension GGG recently announced. Therefore, we will be going over a very special build today: HoWa.


This build utilized the full power of intelligence using a key unique: Hand of Wisdom and Action. Intelligence innately gives 1% increased energy shield per 5 intelligence while Hand of Wisdom and Action adds 1-6 lightning damage per 10 intelligence. Using this, HoWa builds stacked high amounts of intelligence (1000+) to gain 100-150% increased energy shield from their intelligence alone while making their claw into a 1000 DPS weapon of death which is something even two-handed mirrored physical weapons can’t match. Using intelligence, this build easily achieved 8-12k energy shield and allowed it to put most of its nodes into damage scaling. This scaling allowed this build to achieve over 50k GMP spectral throw DPS easily and over 600k when min-maxed which is almost as much as mirrored weapons.

Why Spectral Throw

Many people question Spectral Throw. It has a pretty big damage downside and it hasn’t been popular since the days of Low Life Spectral Throw back in 1.1. The best answer is that it is only ranged skill that uses a melee weapon and clears fast. Being ranged has obvious defensive advantages. Spectral Throw can take these advantages and add them to HoWa. Additionally, Spectral Throw is probably the fastest clearing pure melee skill due to GMP. GMP gives it 4 additional projectiles to make 5 total which basically makes it an AoE attack because projectiles always pierce. One last thing to consider is that the projectiles move back to you which means that they can deal damage twice to a monster effectively doubling their damage. This works splendidly for boss-killing and is one of the reasons Spectral Throw was one of the best builds in 1.1 when Uber Atziri was all the rage.

Why CI (and not Low-Life)

Almost all HoWa builds go CI for the best mixture of defense and damage, but why? The answer is very simple. Low Life doesn’t-provide enough energy shield. CI provides that huge 15% More energy shield node behind it. Low life provides more damage through auras at the cost of energy shield (Pain Attunement doesn’t work with Crown of Eyes since the nerf). However, Low Life would have to compensate and make up that lost energy shield by either using a shield or taking more energy shield nodes. Taking more energy shield nodes is obviously not optimal as HoWa would be losing damage.

Using a shield isn’t optimal either, and here’s the reason why. First of all, dual wielding has two benefits that affect HoWa. 15% More attack speed and 15% additional block chance. Second of all, you can pick up dual wielding nodes from the tree making it easier to gain damage and allowing you to spend less nodes on pathing. The third and final reason is the greatest of all. HoWa provides 8-12% increased dexterity and intelligence. This is an absolutely massive damage boost, something greater than anything you could achieve from Low Life. Combined with the increased WED HoWa provides, it makes it BiS to be dual-wielding them.

Sample Build

CI ST HoWa Raider

I hope you guys enjoyed this short guide on HoWa. I will be posting more guides soon!

Blade Flurry

Recently, path 2.4.2 was released. One of the major additions of this path was the new skill Blade Flurry. This skill is a dexterity/intelligence hybrid melee skill that has brought melee back into the meta game. Melee has always been considered weaker both offensively and defensively to both spell-casters and ranged attack builds. This has changed that.


 Blade Flurry is a channeled skill that deals damage in stages. It deals 20% more damage per stage and it can reach up to a maximum of six stages. This means that at the final stage it can reach a whopping 120% more damage.  One way to think of the damage multipliers on Blade Flurry is to compare them to the damage multipliers of Flameblast, a similar spell.

Another powerful benefit of Blade Flurry is its attack speed. Blade Flurry has 65% more attack speed. This is one of the highest, if not the highest, attack speed modifiers Path of Exile has ever seen. So lets say, you stack the insane attack speed and reach six stacks within one second (very easy to attain). Blade Flurry unleashes another 6 stacks when you release the skill! This is what makes this skill gamebreaking. It deals massive “ranged” damage in Area of Effect form with very fast attacks. Multiply these benefits by two.

How to Use

Blade Flurry is also very powerful because of the variety of ways to scale it. Although cheap, it can become one of the most powerful skills in the game when scaled properly. Like any melee skill, the most economical way to scale it is to go with physical damage. Blade Flurry only works with Daggers, Claws, or One-Handed Swords so the best thing to do is to find a high PDPS variant of these with at least moderate attack speed. You have to remember that it only takes your main hand weapon into account. This means you can equip either a shield, for defense, or a damage boosting weapon such as Doryani’s Catalyst.

Additionally, some uniques you may want to consider for Blade Flurry are Taste of Hate and Carcass Jack. Some support gems to use with Blade Flurry are Melee Physical Damage, Poison, and Increased AOE (or Concentrated Effect). The best way to use Blade Flurry in-game is to hold it down until you reach six stacks (or all mobs are dead) and release.

Build Spotlight #1: Cospri’s Malice Discharge

Welcome to the first article of Build Spotlight! This series showcases one build a week that I personally test. Today I will be showcasing a build that I love due to the unique mechanics involved with it: Cospri’s Malice Discharge. I am very biased towards this amazing build. This is the first real build I played in Essence and I still have the gear. The build uses Cospri’s Malice,  which allows it to stack more damage gems than the standard COC discharger. This variant of COC discharge is almost as strong as it was pre-2.4 and with the inevitable power creep, will only get stronger. If you are on the verge of checking out this build just read below and then check out the guide.


Aim_Deep decides to go Chaos Inoculation. This is a huge defensive boost due to the insane amounts of energy shield that can be stacked. This build uses Warlord’s Mark to acquire life leech which adds to its defenses. When doing a reflect map you just swap in Concentrated Effect instead of Increased AOE so your Discharge doesn’t outrange your Warlord’s Mark. One thing to note is that there are issues with Warlord’s Mark working on bosses. It is highly suggested that you run life leech or Vinktar’s if using Warlord’s mark for leech.


This is where Cast on Crit shines. This build uses Assassin’s Mark on Blasphemy to provide 100% critical strike chance. You will cast Discharge 100% of the time. Aim_Deep also goes Assassin which gives huge Critical Strike Chance and Multiplier. Additionally, Cospri’s Will provides you with a high attack speed, cold damage, and extra critical strike chance if you aren’t capped. You are then able to run one or two damage supports on your discharge unlike a normal COC build. Some uniques you use with this build are Voll’s Protector, Death’s Door, and Voll’s Devotion for Endurance Charges, Power Charge generation and Endurance Charge generation.

I hope you guys enjoyed this short build overview and I hope you play Cospri’s Malice Discharge for yourself.

How I aqcuired a set of Mjolner gear + Volls Devotion within 10 hours of dried lake – ESC

Hey guys. Today, I will be talking about how I acquired a Mjolner and Volls Devotion within 10 hours of farming Dried Lake. As soon as the patch notes came out, I figured out that people would think Discharge useless. I then decided to go Mjolner as my first real build of the league.


I started off with a variant of Zizaran’s League Starting Firestorm. I then farmed dried lake till level 75 and did a couple maps along the way. This got me the bulk of my currency through all sorts of drops. I never got anything better than a chaos drop.


Throughout all of this, I had been heavily flipping currency using I sold all the currency I had into chaos and I flipped chaos orbs with Jews, Chroms and most importantly, fuses. At the time, fuses were at such a price that they would give you almost 10% profit per flip. This was mad. Through Farming and flipping I acquired atleast 20 chaos per hour in profit.


I had been buying Brittle Emperors for 18c because I knew Voll’s Devotion would be undervalued before big names started playing discharge. Through this, I farmed a Voll’s Devotion and Mjolner in no time.

Four reasons why you should be playing PHC right now

Hey guys! Since the dawn of time, there has been a divide between HC and SC players. I want to try to bridge that gap and I’ll tell you why.

HC will improve your gameplay-Believe it or not, HC is a great way to practice leveling and playing resourcefully. It can bring excitement into mapping again. If you plan on racing to 100 one day, then you should play HC for practice.

When you die in HC, not all is lost- People seem to overlook the fact that HC gear is transferred to SC. I play both leagues and I enjoy using my ripped characters’ gear to use on SC builds.

HC can be a great source of currency-In this current HC league, Exalt:Chaos prices are 1:42. That means in approximately 60-80 dried lake runs, you can farm an exalt purely by chaos recipes. That is insane. In comparison, it would take about 130-150 Dried Lake runs to farm an exalt in SC. To top it off, you can farm even faster by doing the unid. chaos recipe which will double your farm speed!

You may find the perfect item you need for SC-Sometimes, you may need a specific helmet for your SC build. The problem may be, that they are selling for insane prices. What you can do is you can search for the item on HC. If it is cheap there, you can use the farming methods discussed above to quickly acquire the item with much less time and effort.

In conclusion, HC may not be fun when you die, but it is certainly worth the risk. You can make exorbitant amounts of Exalted Orbs there and you can add a bit of spice to your POE gameplay.