The Best Class in Path of Exile

“What is the best class in this game?”

that is the age-old question every person asks when he tries out any game with a class system. For Path of Exile, the truth is that there is no best class. That is the truth. Anyone who tells you otherwise is misinformed or lieing to you. I can play builds on Marauder, Templar, Witch, Shadow, Ranger, Duelist, and Scion and kill the Shaper.

However, I can tell you about the class that I prefer for a variety of reasons. This is the class I would recommend to beginners to play. I consider it relatively easy to play. Additionally, I believe it helps develop your skills ingame due to what it requires.


I will be discussing the Ranger. this class is based on the attribute of dexterity. the node she has by here passive tree mainly support ranged attacks through bows while supporting an array of melee weapons as well. Her Ascendancies focus on attack speed, projectiles, and flasks respectively. The projectile and flask Ascendancies are especially strong and I consider them to be within the top five Ascendancies in the game.

The main reason I would suggest this class is because she is the arguably the best with bows. Bows are something that can be scaled up to become the best build in the game. On the other hand, all you need is a Lioneye’s Glare or rare bow donated by someone to easily start clearing maps. Additionally, she can gain all the dexterity she needs with her passive tree and has easy access to plenty of strength and intelligence. Finally, this class teaches you the important skills of playing ranged characters, managing flasks, and finding economical uniques and rares. Yes, that is by far the most important skill in the game.


Path of Exile has many auras and it can sometimes get confusing what each of them do. Here I will be going over all the auras in Path of Exile. You can find the list of auras in Path of Exile here. I will be talking about Blasphemy and Heralds in a later article.

Auras are basically spells that can be cast that reserve mana. As long as they are reserving mana, they buff one specific aspect of your character.


Grace is one of the most popular auras to use because of the strong defensive mechanics it provides. It provides flat evasion to your character and your allies. Builds using this that also have a little bit of dexterity on the tree can reach a high amount of evasion. In endgame builds don’t really need damage anymore and many opt for this setup. Many builds also run Iron Reflexes and run Grace. Grace is sometimes better than Determination because Determination scales armor while Grace adds flat armor (converted from evasion). It all depends on how much other armor you have. You need to do the math yourself.


Haste is another versatile aura. It provides both attack speed and cast speed to your characters. Many Spell Casters which cannot benefit from Damage Auras use this. Some low-life builds such as Mjolner and SRS also use this. Haste also adds passive defense to your builds because the quicker your attacks are, the faster it is to get away. It may not seem like much, but it matters and this is the reason why many builds drop Spell Echo as well.


This is probably the most popular aura for all physical damage builds use. It adds a % of your physical damage as cold damage. No other skill besides Herald of Ash does that. If you are looking for a damage boost for your physical build then this is hands down the best skill to use. It is used in every physical damage build imaginable. I would wager it is the most popular aura of all time as well.

Purity of Ice

This aura adds Cold Resistances and increases your Cold Resistance cap. Many cold builds use this to increase their survivability against reflect. There are probably more effective defensive setups using blasphemy out there so I would not suggest using this unless you really want to. One thing to note is that the Cold Resistance cap buff is increased by % aura effect.


This aura is unique in the regard that it reserves flat mana. This can be used to your advantage by stacking a lot of mana in a build. Clarity provides flat mana regeneration to help with skill mana costs. I would use this on a spell-caster as they are the ones usually with mana troubles. Another option to fix mana issues is Blasphemy-Warlords Mark. This option adds life leech as well.


This is also another popular aura. 99% of all CI and Low-Life build use it. It adds flat energy shield to you and your allies. It gets scaled with % energy shield nodes and this means Discipline can add upwards of 2000-3000 energy shield onto your character.

Purity of Elements

This aura adds all Elemental Resistances and it increases every Elemental resistance cap. Keep in mind it does not increase the cap as much as the elemental-specific purities. I would not use this aura unless you need to as there are much more useful auras out there. Elemental resistance cap is a must so use it if you need to.

Purity of Lightning

This aura adds Lightning Resistances and increases your Lightning Resistance cap. Many lightning builds use this to increase their survivability against reflect. There are probably more effective defensive setups using blasphemy out there so I would not suggest using this unless you really want to. One thing to note is that the lightning Resistance cap buff is increased by % aura effect.


This aura is quite popular among attack-based elemental builds as it adds a huge amount of flat lightning damage to you and your allies. It also adds % more lightning damage to spells. Pretty much every elemental attack-based build uses this spell. I would hesitate to use it on spell-casters because its bonus towards them is not as influential.


This aura is similar to Wrath because it adds flat elemental (fire) damage to attacks. It is also used in most builds that Wrath is used in but Wrath provides more damage so is more widely used. Low-Life builds than can run both Wrath and Anger usually use Anger. One aspect in which this aura differs from Wrath is the fact that this adds flat fire damage to spells while wrath adds % damage.


This aura adds % more armor to your character substantially increasing your defenses. I would usually use grace with iron reflexes instead of this aura unless you have a very high amount of flat armor stacked from your gear. The tankiest armor builds do not hesitate to use this aura, and due to the fact that it provides more damage instead of increased, this aura is very powerful.

Purity of Fire

This aura adds Fire Resistances and increases your Fire Resistance cap. Many fire builds use this to increase their survivability against reflect. There are probably more effective defensive setups using blasphemy out there so I would not suggest using this unless you really want to. One thing to note is that the Fire Resistance cap buff is increased by % aura effect.


This aura provides % increased life to your character. It is mainly used on tanky characters that stack life and defenses. An example of this is Righteous Fire. Righteous Fire is a great build to use this with because RF needs life regeneration, and it stacks life as its primary form of damage. It does not have much use among most builds but it shines in some.

Passive Skill Tree

Path of Exile is a game with a skill system unlike any other game. It’s enormous passive skill tree has over 1325 “nodes” that can be picked. Each of the seven classes start off at 6 locations near the edge of the skill tree, and the Scion starts off in the center. The classes are arranged based on the attributes they resemble. The witch, shadow, ranger, duelist, marauder, and templar are arranged clockwise on the passive skill tree while the scion is in the center. Each of the classes resemble intelligence, dexterity and intelligence, dexterity, dexterity and strength, strength, and strength and intelligence respectively. You can begin with any class and travel to any side of the skill tree. This is why you can have melee casters and tanky bow characters in Path of Exile.

Extra versatility is added through Ascendancies. Each Ascendancy has a mini-skill tree. Points for this are earned by doing Izaro’s Labyrinth which will be featured in a later article. You can do Izaro’s Labyrinth in four different difficulties and each difficulty gives you two skill points for the mini-skill tree. Nodes on this tree are much more powerful than normal nodes and should be used wisely.

The passive skill tree has three different kinds of nodes on it: Keystone, Notable, and Basic nodes. Keystone Nodes have immense effects on your character and can sometimes have one negative and one positive effect. Notable nodes are located behind basic nodes and boost your character quite a bit. Basic nodes boost your character very little but must be taken to reach Keystone and Notable Nodes.

Many people are overwhelmed by the passive skill tree when they first start. I would suggest check out the Path of Exile official forums to find a build idea and a skill tree for it. I personally did not make my own skill tree until I played the game for over a year. Even now, I prefer to look at skill trees of others. I hope you guys enjoyed my guide on the Path of exile passive skill tree.