8 Unique Flask Nerfs for 3.0

Recently there has been a lot of speculation about GGG nerfing unique flasks in 3.0. Well now unique flask nerfs are pretty much confirmed. Recent data-mining has shown that almost all of the unique flasks, particularly ones popular in the meta, are receiving large balance changes. We will be discussing the balance changes in depth below and I will be giving my thoughts on what they may entail for the builds that use them. Lastly, I would like to note that all of these changes besides Vinktars perhaps, will be going legacy because GGG never does global nerfs on % ranges. Last of all, don’t take everything here as 100% true. These are my speculations and they are probably correct, but do not invest in legacy items completely based on what I am saying. I am not responsible for any losses you may have.

The Atziri’s Promise nerf looks small but its quite insane for physical damage builds. This flask’s effect has been reduced by around ~22% for physical damage builds and it will stay about the same for elemental builds. One thing to note is that the elemental damage ranges have been increased. I don’t believe the legacy flask prices will change because there is an absolutely enormous amount of them on the market. There are tens if not hundreds of thousands of them that have dropped since 1.1 and the introduction of Atziri with the Sacrifice of the Vaal expansion.

This is another nerf thats quite large. The charges used have stayed the same but the area of effect has been changed. In the current (2.4) dying sun, there is a flat 30% increased area of effect. Now its down to a range of 15-25%. Assuming the median value, this is a 50% nerf on the Area of Effect that dying sun provides down from 30% to 20%. The markets have already started to show a difference in the price of well-rolled Dying Suns. I am not sure its worth buying them for a short term investment anymore, but maybe long term.

This is one of the lesser known flasks. Its current version only has 50% reduced duration but the downside of it is that it doesn’t remove freeze, chill, curses, or stuns. This version will. I am not sure if this is a buff or a nerf. The 10% reduced duration nerf will only be removing .3 seconds on the current version so it may actually be a buff designed to allow characters to remove ailments more easily.  I would not suggest investing in this flask and expecting legacy prices to rise as the new version might be better.

The next flask on our list is Lion’s Roar! The current iteration has 30-35% more melee physical damage so the nerf is around 31% less damage provided by the flask by taking averages. This buff is actually huge because it is not the standard % increased damage, but it is % more damage. What this means is better explained in this post. However, this flask has a big downside that most people look past while calling it overpowered. It adds knockback. This is a terrible affix for melee builds as you have to be close to the enemy. However, a great combination effect can be achieved with the Empire’s Grasp unique gloves which reverse knockback to create a whirlwind effect. I would suggest buying a few of these flasks because they are underrated in the current meta and hopefully melee will be improved in the future.

This is another nerf on a meta flask. Although we already have a legacy variant with 30% extra cold damage, GGG is taking Taste of Hate nerfs even further. This variant has about 30% reduced damage provided by the flask compared to the current iteration. The physical to cold conversion is staying the same as well as everything else on the flask. Even though this flask is a meta flask because of the way in which it boosts physical damage, it might not be a good investment since people looking for legacy items will probably go for the original 30% conversion Taste of Hate.

This nerf is a very controversial one. Many people do not believe that this is even occurring but I believe that it is. What people are missing is that this Vinktar has a huge damage nerf and a huge defensive nerf. In general, shock increases damage taken by 50%. If you shock other monsters that’s a 50% more multiplier that stacks on top of everything else besides the Vulnerability aura. That means if you are doing 100,000 damage you will be doing 150,000 with this flask. Now they have changed shock just for this flask so it does 110,000 damage down from 150,000. That is obviously a pretty big damage nerf at 80%. All the other values stay the same except for one. Gain Life and Mana from Leech instantly during Flask Effect. They are bringing back the key line of the original Legacy Vinktar. This will make Vinktar the defensive powerhouse it was before because it provides something even Vaal Pact cannot: instant mana leech. This change moves in the trend that all of the other changes GGG is making. They are trying to nerf the clear speed meta and make defense more important. This flask visualizes that change perfectly as it trades damage from the current iteration for extra survivability from the instant leech. I do not believe that this flask is going to go legacy due to the fact that it is a flat modifier change. It is not a change to % ranges and I do not believe that it is going legacy.

Wise Oak is another one of the bigger nerfs. Down from 20% penetration, this flask is being nerfed by ~38% penetration. In its current state it is very overpowered if you can line up all 3 of your resistances so you gain both the defensive and offensive benefits. I believe the nerf was completely justified as it will still be popular after the nerf. The price of these flasks has already spiked by ~800% in Legacy League.

The final flask is one that is not quite as popular but still very powerful. The current witchfire brew provides 50-70% increased damage but it has 50% increased charges used halving the amount of times this flask can be used. This can be considered a nerf or a buff depending which way you look it because even though this flask provides ~46% less damage than before, it can be kept up longer for damage over time builds. I am not sure which way this nerf/buff will go so I would not buy into these flasks yet unless you have nothing else to do with your currency.

Overall I believe that the unique flask nerfs are good for the game as they weaken the clear speed meta and prioritize more defense. Comment below on what you think of the 3.0 changes!

Four things about the new Harbinger Challenge Leagues

The Harbinger Challenge Leagues have finally been announced! They will be released on Friday August 4th, (for most of us) and will be released alongside the Path of Exile 3.0 expansion known as Fall of Oriath. I would suggest you read the official post on the Harbinger challenge leagues before continuing with this article.

To sum the official post up, we know that the Harbinger leagues contain unknown entities who raise and summon monsters to fight at their sides. They drop shards for both new and existing currency types, and you can venture into the origin of harbingers to gain great rewards. Lets break this down. I will be noting the important points of the article and expanding on it.

  • “These Harbingers can create and command monsters from the area, and empower them with their own abilities.” – Harbingers will not only be able to summon monsters from the zone they are in, but they will be able to cast their own spells as well. I believe that the word “empower” is very specific and monsters summoned by the harbingers may have increased stats compared to regular zone monsters. Something like beyond monsters seems accurate.
  • “Harbingers can’t be attacked directly, but are harmed when their minions are destroyed.” – This is a line that many people missed. You cannot kill a Harbinger by one-shotting him with your clear speed meta build. You have to kill him by killing the monsters he summons. I believe that these monsters will not all appear at once like a normal strongbox but more in a stream where they will be continuously cast till the Harbinger dies. This is an attempt to nerf the clear speed meta. I just hope killing Harbingers will be worth it.
  • “Harbingers bear shards of currency types that are already familiar to you. Upon death, they also surrender the shards of currency items that have never been seen before.” – This reveal is incredible. Its telling us that not only will we have shards for existing currencies such as exalted orbs and mirrors, but we will have new currencies implemented into the game! I am not sure if these new currencies will only be attainable through shards. Maybe the will drop from Harbingers or regular monsters as well. I believe this is GGG’s way of trying to make Harbingers enticing enough to stop clearing maps in sub-30 seconds and go for some loot. The two new orbs we have seen so far are the Orb of Horizons which turns a map into a different one of the same tier, and the Harbinger’s Orb, which will upgrade a map to one of a higher tier. I am not sure how this upgrade will work. If it will upgrade to any tier or only specific tiers like 1, 3, or 5 tiers up. Additionally, I am curious if these two new orbs will reroll maps into ones discovered on your Atlas or undiscovered ones as well. Either way, these new orbs are going to completely shake up the current Atlas strategies.
  • “If you’re able to find the origin of the Harbingers and halt their arrival, you’ll find pieces of powerful unique items. Collect all of the pieces of these items and arrange them in your inventory to forge one in its entirety. These powerful unique items allow you to command your own Harbinger that can empower you in combat.” – The biggest reveal of them all. GGG is letting us know that we will have the ability to find the origin of Harbingers and stop them. I believe this will function like the much-loved Breachlords did, where we will have engame map bosses of differing elements and difficulties. My guess is that each of them will drop different unique pieces that allow you to summon harbingers of their element. The shield in the post allows you to summon a “Harbinger of Focus”. That seems to sound like it will add dexterity stats (which goes with cold damage) such as accuracy and chance to crit.
  • Bonus Idea: “Their true nature remains a mystery to be solved.” – This seems like foreshadowing towards you working with and fighting alongside Harbingers. We know that there will be certain unique items that will let you summon harbingers that fight by your side. Does this have a connection to some lore as well? My prediction is that there is some unique race of bosses controlling the harbingers that will be discovered at their origin and defeating these bosses will drop the Harbinger unique items.

Please comment below if you liked this article! I am planning on doing a build guide article for 3.0 next so you can pick your best starter build!


FilterBlade is a new PoE web application released recently that allows you to easily create and customize your own filters in Path of Exile.  It was brought to the community by Neversink, Haggis50, and Tobnac. This application is very useful for introducing beginners to the world to loot filters. Whats so special about FilterBlade is the simplicity of using the website. I will be providing a written and video tutorial below.

Written/Video Overview

From here, I’d suggest clicking on the website link and reading this while going along on your own. Alternatively, a video tutorial made by DeMiGodkingLoL will be posted at the end. By going to the FilterBlade website you will be presented with preset options on the main page. From here, it also gives you some basic information about the presets as well as some of the basic options that can be changed.

After picking your basic preset, you want to click on the “Customize” header. From here you will be able to change the look, text, color, outline, sound, and whatever else you can dream of for any group of items such as chromatic recipe items, leveling items, and crafting bases.

Next, you can click on the “Loot Simulator” header which allows you to test out your loot filter. If you don’t like something, don’t worry! There is a quick edit feature you can access directly from this page to clean up your filter.

After cleaning up your filter, you can click on the “Style Editor” header which allows you to make major color and sound changes for your entire filter. If you get bored of red you can switch to blue! Only use this for making major modifications.

The final header is the “Code” header. This is where you can copy the code of your finished filter and put it in your game files to have your very own, custom filter! Additionally, if you’re not quite done working on your filter, you can save it for next time with the header labeled “download”!