Path of Exile 2.4 Patch Notes Overview

Hey guys. This is just an overview for those who do not want to read the long, boring 2.4 patch notes.

New Content

  • Essence Challenge Leagues
  • Atlas of Worlds
  • Added a channelled skill system. Incinerate, Flameblast and Wither are now channelled skills. Unlike other skills, which are used once and quickly finish, when you use a channelled skill, it doesn’t finish until you release the relevant button/key. You continue performing the same skill. You need to pay mana repeatedly to keep the skill going. The channelled skill’s mana cost must be paid again to maintain it with a frequency determined by the cast time. If you can’t pay, the skill will end, just as if you’d lifted the button.
  • Poison now deals 8% of Physical and Chaos damage as Chaos Damage for 2 seconds (down from 10%).

Miscellaneous changes

  • 22 new uniques (read my previous weekly recap post for three of them)
  • Large hideouts hold seven masters (This is insane)
  • Prophecy is in the core game

Skill Gem Nerfs and Buffs

  • Cast on Critical Strike now has a 500ms cooldown, and will now only trigger one spell per frame when you critically strike. It now has 100% chance to trigger casts when you critically strike. It now has 20% more spell damage at level 1, tapered up to 39% at level 20 (1% per level). This also applies to Cospri’s Malice (new unique sword), Mjolner, and CoMK. This means that Each individual socketed spell can cast at a maximum of almost twice a second.
  • Fireball: 50% more damage, Ice Spear: 70% more damage, and Arctic Breath: 35% more damage. This is due to the COC nerf.
  • Almost every melee skill besides Earthquake has been buffed.
  • Earthquake has been nerfed – Earthquake’s aftershock damage has been reduced from 60% more (at level 1, tapered upwards) to 50% more at all Levels. Its mana cost has been increased from 6 to 10. Its aftershock area of effect has been reduced by 12%. 
  • Blade Vortex skill changed – Blade Vortex now has a stack limit of 20 (down from 50). It now deals 63% more damage at level 20. I do not consider this a nerf or a buff. Blade Vortex will clear mobs much more effectively but it will lose damage at bosses. I am not sure this nerf was completely necessary as the huge downfall of blade vortex is the necessity to stay in melee range. I do feel that blade vortex was overpowered before. With maximum stacks, blade vortex deals 34.8% less damage than before.
  • Discharge now deals 35% less damage when triggered.

Item Nerfs 

  • Both of the items discussed are going legacy.
  • Reach of the Council deals less damageReach of the Council: Its added damage has been lowered from (25-40 to 100-115) to (15-30 to 70-95). Its local increased physical damage has been reduced from (50%-70%) to (40%-50%).
  • Voidheart chance to poison and bleed has been reducedVoidheart: Its Chance on Melee Hit to Bleed has been lowered from 100% to (30% to 50%). Its Chance to Poison on Melee Hit has been lowered from 100% to (20% to 40%). 


Weekly News Recap #2

Hey guys. This is the second weekly news recap I have done. If it has been less than a week I apologize but there has been so much new information to talk about! Lets start from what was revealed most recently and work our way backwards. All the sources will be listed at the end of the article.

Flask Quest Rewards

First of all, there are some patch notes that were revealed a couple minutes ago. The patch notes add some flask rewards to questing. This probably won’t affect the endgame much but it may make leveling a bit easier.

Curse Nerfs

Secondly, there’s something much more important. “Bosses that had a reduced effect of curses on them now have a multiplier rather than a reduction.” (Over time, more and more curse effect has been made available to players. With the boss curse effect reduction being additive, the increased curse effect available to players overwhelmed it. Temporal Chains and Enfeeble arguably still trivialise most bosses.)” was posted by Chris himself on Reddit earlier. This makes boss curse effectiveness reduction multiplicative. Let me give everyone an example.

Current: You have 30% increased curse effectiveness. A boss has 20% reduced curse effectiveness. That would put your curse effectiveness at 110% (100%+30%-20%).

Atlas of Worlds: You have 30% increased curse effectiveness. A boss has 20% Less curse effectiveness. That would put your curse effectiveness at 104% ([100+30] x .8).

If you do not understand the difference, look at the bold words: Less and Reduced. Less applies after the increased and reduced damage values apply. I would call it a different level of buffs/debuffs. I would assume bosses usually have more than 20% reduced curse effectiveness as well.

This is quite a substantial nerf to curses but I think GGG made the right decisions. Curses are still very powerful and will be exactly the same against regular mobs.


GGG released the list of challenges recently as well. Nothing is too surprising. Some interesting challenges include killing the shaper, using sextants, and using shaper’s orbs. You can find the full list in the sources part of the article.

Essence League 

Now lets get to the juicy information. Essence league has had a lot of information spilled about it. First of all, ZiggyD released a useful video that I would recommend you guys watch.

I will not discuss information in this video as that would be boring for you guys, but I do want to link the spreadsheet for you guys. It seems pretty useful to me and I think some of you guys would like to have an image of it.

An interesting thing to take away is the inability to acquire specific essences without using vaal orbs or vendor trading. All in all, Essences seem pretty balanced to me. People may complain they aren’t exciting but PoE should be innately a hard game. You get in what you put out. I, like many others, have not been a fan of the leagues this year. In my opinion, they were too rewarding. I understand this may spark some negative comments, but this is how I feel. I understand if you feel differently. After all, why play if there’s no reward.

Additionally, if you still do not know, Essence “Metamodding” is not possible.

Atlas of Worlds

GGG has released quite a lot of information about this. Most importantly, they have decided to change the cumulative atlas bonus.

Old Atlas Bonus: 1% cumulative bonus to map drop rate per map completed (up to 123~125%). Overall map drops reduced by 33% to compensate at lower levels.

New Atlas Bonus: 1% chance for a map drop to upgrade by a tier per map completed (up to 123~125%). Higher than 100% means it can go up a second tier. Capped at maximum level that could drop from that monster (same as before). There is no reduction to map drop rates.

I really like this change as before, it seemed possible to game the system by unlocked only maps such as Plateaus and Gorges. This allows your map pool to grow in size and tier easier which has been a thing people have been complaining about. It may still be worthwhile and try to unlock specific maps, we just don’t know.

New Uniques and Divination Cards

There have been three uniques released that I know of so far. They are Slivertongue, Kitava’s Thirst, and Brass Dome. Find the links in the Sources section. All of them seem like the perfect uniques to me. The can be build-defining but they aren’t the end of all ends. Each of them stands out in their own right and I would love to use them all. GGG has also released four new divination cards. The most interesting of all of them is the one that awards the Eyes of the Greatwolf Greatwolf Talisman as it does reward a league specific item which is quite powerful. The link to the divination cards is in the sources part of this post.


Flask Patch Notes

Curse Nerf

Essence League Challenges

ZiggyD Essence League Guide

ZiggyD Essence Spreadsheet

Kitava’s Thirst Unique

Brass Dome Unique

Slivertongue Unique

New Divination Cards

Atlas Map Completion Bonus Changes


Atlas of Worlds: Shaper’s Orbs


Hey guys! Today I will be talking about Shaper’s Orbs and some of the things about them you guys might not know. Basically, they are Orbs that drop 5 tiers above the tier of maps they can modify. Now lets discuss some basic information about Shaper’s Orbs.

Known Facts

  • The Shaper’s Orb will drop from a map five tiers above the tier the Orb applies to – This means that a tier 9 Shaper’s Orb would drop from a tier 14 map.
  • The Shaper’s Orb will be permanent but it will be able to be respecced – This means that once applied, the Shaper’s Orb will be permanent but GGG confirms to be adding vendor recipe’s so it isn’t possible to “brick” your Atlas. You will have to vendor 20 chisels and 5 regrets to refund your Shaper’s Orb.
  • Once a map on the Atlas has been shaped, your existing maps of that type will remain the same – This means you will need to get new map drops after applying the Shaper’s Orb for the Shaper’s Orb bonus to take place.
  • Shaper’s Orbs are non-tradeable like quest items – You cannot vendor or trade Shaper’s Orbs
  • Shaper’s Orbs are rewards for completing certain objectives in maps – You will be able to get a total of 15 Shaper’s Orbs.
  • Shaped maps will drop like other maps of their shaped tier – A tier 6 tropical island will drop with the conditions other tier 6 maps require to drop.

What this means

Now lets discuss what this all means. Shaper’s Orbs, while not tradeable, will be quite valuable due to the respec cost required to remove it from a map. Shaper’s Orbs will permanently apply +5 tiers to any single kind of map it is applied to.  It will be permanent. People have been doubting this but if GGG adds such an expensive respec option, it must be permanent. Additionally, the orbs will need to be placed strategically. Strategic placement of these orbs combined with strategic mapping could enhance the speed it takes to get to 100.

I hope you guys enjoyed this article and I hope you guys learned something!


General Game News #1 – Slivertongue

Hello guys. I am trying to start a series of articles made to summarize the game news of the past few days or weeks.

First of all, lets start with the most recent. Slivertongue was showcased in a video by GGG a few days ago. If you guys haven’t seen it, you can watch it here. My first impressions of it are of the thought that it’s the perfect unique. As of right now, it seems not too overpowered, moderately hard to acquire, and moderately powerful. It has the potential to be build-defining although builds with particular rare bows will fare better. Take everything I say about Slivertongue with a grain of salt since the physical DPS is not final. If I had to use this unique in a build I would get a Split Arrow build with the Deadeye passive Ricochet to have the projectiles chain once then pierce. Additionally, I would run Drillneck for some extra damage on a budget. The benefit of this build is the fact that Split Arrow gets no damage penalty basically like Reach of the Council with LA/TS.

Tomorrow’s post will be about the basics of the Atlas. Afterwards, expect to read in detail about Shaper’s Orbs, Atlas pathing, and much more!


[Resource] List of the best non-weapon crafting bases for each slot

This page is meant as a resource for anyone who needs it. It is a complete list of all the good POE crafting bases. Remember to craft Item level 84+!


Evasion – Assassins Garb (525 evasion and 3% move speed) or Zodiac Leather (609 evasion)

Evasion/ES – Carnal Armor (251 evasion/105 ES) or Sadist’s Garb (304 evasion/95 ES)

ES – Vaal Regalia (175 ES)

Armour/ES – Saintly Chainmail (286 armour/98 ES) or Saint’s Hauberk (315 armour/78 ES)

Armour – Glorious Plate (553 armour) or Astral Plate (507 armour/8-12 elemental resistances)

Armour/Evasion – Full Dragonscale (335 armour/266 evasion) or General’s Brigandine (296 armour/296 evasion) or Triumphant Lammellar (271 armour/340 evasion)

Armour/Evasion/ES – Sacrificial Garb (234 armour/234 evasion/69 ES)


Evasion – Slink Boots (214 evasion)

Evasion/ES – Assassin’s Boots (105 evasion/31 ES) or Murder Boots (161 evasion/22 ES)

ES – Sorcerer Boots (64 ES)

Armour/ES – Crusader Boots (105 armour/31 ES)

Armour – Titan Greaves (210 armour)

Armour/Evasion – Dragonscale Boots (105 Armour/105 Evasion)


Evasion – Slink Gloves (210 evasion)

Evasion/ES – Murder Mitts (105 evasion/31 ES)

ES – Sorcerer Gloves (61 ES)

Armour/ES – Crusader Gloves (105 armour/31 ES)

Armour – Titan Gauntlets (210 armour)

Armour/Evasion – Dragonscale Gauntlets (105 armour/105 evasion)


Evasion – Lion Pelt (331 evasion)

Evasion/ES – Vaal Mask (180 evasion/47 ES) or Decide Mask (166 evasion/59 ES)

ES – Hubris Circlet (100 ES)

Armour/ES – Prophet Crown (195 armour/40 ES) or Praetor Crown (140 armour/63 ES)

Armour – Royal Burgonet (324 armour)

Armour/Evasion – Pig-Faced Bascinet (199 armour/139 evasion) or Nightmare Bascinet (141 armour/203 evasion)


Note: This may vary if you need specific shields to cap your block chance.

Evasion – Imperial Buckler (335 evasion)

Evasion/ES – Supreme Spiked Shield (210 evasion/62 ES)

ES – Titanium Spirit Shield (84 ES)

Armour/ES – Archon Kite Shield (135 armour/40 ES)

Armour – Pinnacle Tower Shield (406 armour)

Armour/Evasion – Elegant Round Shield (129 armour/129 evasion)

Five tips to consider when trading in Wraeclast

Hey guys. Today I will be telling you some trading tips I have learned over the years. Hopefully they increase the number of exalts inside your currency tab! Lastly, letting you guys know, I am working on fixing the formatting of the website.

  1. Double check your trades – I know this is an old cliche,  but I have to say it. There’s always a chance of someone scamming you like this. Additionally, there are some people who edit the whisper message to trick you into selling your item for cheaper than listed.
  2. Don’t let anyone convince you into compromising – In Wraeclast, people want everything to go their way. When they find out it doesn’t work like that, they go to the next best thing: Compromising. People will try to convince you to pay more for their items, or sell your items for less. You must not let them. Personally, it is a matter of principle for me. Usually I will not accept one chaos under a listed price for an item of mine. It is worth waiting the extra day to get an extra exalt for your item.
  3. Utilize Master-Crafting – Many situations occur when you may need 25 more fire resistances. You may be looking for a ring, or some gloves. Search for your desired item without fire resistances and you may find it much cheaper. Sometimes this can be the difference between 10 chaos and 10 exalts.
  4. If you think an item is overpriced, offer – Remember, POE does not have an auction house. Take advantage of that. Nothing has a set value and many times people may want to sell an item they have had for a while. This is an easy way to save currency. If they say no, you don’t have to buy the item. Wait for someone else to come online.
  5. Always try to offer your excess orbs – When trying to buy an item, try to offer a couple scours, regrets, alts, etc. instead of chaos. Sometimes the seller may be looking for a specific orb. This can get rid of your excess currency that may otherwise be a pain to sell. Additionally, it may potentially get you an item for cheaper than the original price.

I hope you guys enjoy these tips. I was a bit tired when I wrote this article so it may not live up to the expectations I have for my articles. Comment below!

How to make currency in a new league

Hey guys! Today I will be showing you guys how to make  currency in a new league. This currency can later be used to do things such as crafting and flipping.

The first method I will talk about is skill gem flipping. There are quite a few skill gems that can be bought from a vendor and sold later for profit. I know a few people who make tens of exalts from this method on the first or second day of a league. This strategy can be continued for a couple weeks.

The second method I will talk about is Merciless Lab. Usually most characters aren’t strong enough to do Uber Lab early on. If you can, go ahead and do it by all means, but Merciless Lab is almost as profitable. For example, a helm worth five chaos can easily be worth upwards of 30 chaos or even an exalt with a decent enchantment. This can easily boost your currency tab’s value.

The third method I will be discussing today is mapping. People think you can only make currency in this game by trading. I believe that idea is flawed. The most successful POE players both map and trade. If you pick a cheap build that doesn’t rely too much on gear you can easily be doing level 75-80 maps in the first 12 hours of a league. During these maps you can collect orbs which can be traded for exalts. Additionally, there are many rare items that can sell for a couple chaos at the beginning of a league which soon become vendor trash. Finally, if you do get to red maps, you can sell crafting bases. Early on, ES bases are worth quite a bit.

The fourth and final method I will be discussing is what I believe, the most important. It is to take advantage of new and league-specific mechanics. Think about the past leagues. In Perandus, people found ways to find Cadiro quickly and swam in currency. In Prophecy, people farmed Pale Council to sell the best bows in the league. I believe in Essence League I will make massive profits through crafting methods I have brainstormed using essences. Additionally, I will also be farming the “Shaper” for what I expect to be, very powerful uniques. You guys need to think about what you want to do. Something unique and innovative will make you the most currency. Do something no one else is doing, do it well, and you will be rewarded.

If you guys want ideas, look at VOC’s post on how he got filthy rich in Perandus. I suggest playing with friends as you can always do more together, and your currency production rate increases exponentially. Thank you for reading and comment below!


New Base Items

Hey guys! Today I will be talking about the new base items GGG revealed. First of all, if you haven’t already, go check out this post. I will be reviewing the items one by one, and if you haven’t seen the post, you may have trouble understanding a few things.

Two-Toned Boots – This item seems very well balanced to be. It makes up for the fact that it has dual resistances by being a hybrid item. That means it does not have pure energy shield, evasion, or armor. Additionally, I expect there to be evasion/energy shield and evasion/armor variants that will respectively have cold/lightning and cold/fire resistances.

Crystal Belt – This item was disappointing to me. This makes all chain belts almost obsolete. Additionally, it only drops from specific zones (like all of these items) so all belts dropping without this specific base type will be considered second-rate for ES builds. I personally feel GGG should have just buffed the chain belt’s implicit affix instead of creating a whole new item. On the plus side, I feel the crystal belt encourages people to farm specific zones and try to craft.

Marble Amulet – This is another letdown as after hitting 334 life, mathematically this becomes better than a coral amulet. Again, I feel like this makes the coral amulet obsolete. If anything, they should have changed the coral amulet to grant percentage life regeneration. It has the same pluses as the crystal belt, as it does encourage zone-farming, crafting, and it also boosts life regeneration builds. In the current meta, leech builds are dominating.

Fingerless Silk Gloves – I really like these gloves. They seem to be well balanced in my opinion. The 56 ES they have is equivalent to T2 glove bases which is pretty nice. Additionally, they grant 15% increased damage for all low life builds, due to the fact that you will either be using Crown of Eyes or a spell for damage when lowlife. I feel that these will benefit builds looking for ES and definitely be competitors with Facebreakers, Acuities, and Shadows and Dust after acquiring some attack/cast speed.

Gripped Gloves – These are another pair of gloves that I am hyped about to a lesser extent. These have evasion that I would consider to be on T2.5 gloves. I feel that the big benefit of ES gloves is that they can usually end up giving you easily 800-1000 more effective HP. I personally feel, rare gloves, will never be competitors in terms of damage with unique gloves. Evasion gloves do provide some extra evasion, but you have to wonder, is it really worth it? Most people, including me, would prefer the additional clear speed provided with Shadows and Dust, the leech provided by Acuities or the raw damage provided by Facebreakers. In the end it all comes down to personal preference, but I feel the unique options are better.

Please comment what you think about my opinions and keep playing POE!

Top 10 Best Unique Items (In my opinion)

Hey guys! today I will be doing a fun little post about the ten most powerful unique items! These are what I consider to be the best unique items. Remember, this is all personal opinion so don’t be disappointed if your favorite unique isn’t on here!

10. Voll’s Protector – This item is BIS for all life-based COC builds. It is an incredibly powerful item that is also very cheap. It generates power charges better than any other items or support gems.

9. Kaom’s Heart – Even after its nerf, Kaom’s Heart can still be a game-changer. Its 500 flat life synergizes incredibly well with tanky builds than can use two-handed weapons as a 6L. Every life-based 2H weapon that doesn’t require a specific chest works well with this. You can use it on a Windripper character as well as you can on an Earthquake character!

8. Lightning Coil – This item is often overlooked due to its cheap price point. It can mitigate 22.5% of physical damage taken and works well with both armor and evasion builds due to it having both.

7. Void Battery – These wands are BIS for most caster builds. They synergize very well when duel wielded. Additionally, with the addition of the Assassin sub-class, there have been some COC void battery builds. The spell damage per power charge is just too good to give up.

6. Atziri’s Disfavor – These are one of the best two-handed weapons in the game! The price-power ratio on these is insane! For some builds, they can even be BIS. Only a few other two-handed weapons can top this, and most of them cost much more. Some builds this can be used with are Earthquake, Cyclone, and possible even Flicker Strike!

5. Headhunter – This belt gives you the mods of a rare monster you kill for 20 seconds. It also gives high strength, dexterity, and very high life. It is usually used as an extra item to cheese with on basically any build.

4. Atziri’s Acuity – These gloves are well known for the unique mod they provide “Leech applies instantly on Critical Strike”. This, paired with insane int as well as life, makes them a great choice for all crit builds.

3. Voll’s Devotion – This unique item gives endurance charges when a power charge expires or consumes. This almost doubles the damage on any discharge builds. The main builds they are used for are Mjolner and COC-Discharge.

2.  Shavronne’s Wrappings – This is probably the most iconic Path of Exile item. It is unique in the way that it gives the mod “Chaos Damage cannot bypass energy shield” which is otherwise only found on Solaris Lorica. This is BIS for all Low-Life builds. There’s no question about it.

  1. Skyforth – These boots are considered BIS for all low life crit builds. This basically translates to BIS for all low-life builds. A lot of people do not understand why, so I will try to explain my best. First of all, they provide 30% movement speed which help all non-whirling blades builds. The mod it is known for is “25% chance to gain a Power Charge on Critical Strike”. This provides consistent power charge generation without the need to sacrifice item sockets. Thirdly, it provides 6% reduced mana reserved which lets you run a herald and a 50% aura on life with some reduced mana nodes. “You have no life regeneration” barely matters since almost all low-life builds rely on life leech.  Lastly, “Stun Threshold is based on 500% of your Mana instead of Life” basically makes you immune to stuns. This is very useful as low-life builds generally have low life… It comes with the name.


I hope you guys enjoyed this guide on the best unique items! I probably missed a unique so please comment below!